Welcome to Grŵp

Welcome to Grŵp – the business network for women in Wales with a focus on learning and development.

Grŵp is the network where you will meet and be inspired by leading women from Wales and beyond.

Grŵp is the network where sharing and learning with others is as important as making connections.

Grŵp is the network that will support you to lead wherever you work.

Grŵp organises bi-monthly events at various venues in South Wales. At each event there will be a high profile speaker with a story to tell that will inspire and motivate you to develop your leadership and management skills.

A note from previous speaker Helen Humphrey:

"I've attended Grŵp both as a participant and a guest speaker and have enjoyed and learned from both experiences.

The network format is quite unique in that it gives you the opportunity to network with the entire audience whilst being able to work in small groups to discuss the speaker's topic and talk about your own experiences. I found this a really useful format when I attended as a participant.

Grŵp is not only a great place to network but importantly it's a great place to learn and I shall definitely be attending future events and will act as an advocate for the group."

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